Intro for the life of bob peters

The life of Bob Peters

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It’s been over a year now since dad passed and during one of our conversations prior to his passing, he talked about being forgotten. It got me thinking about doing a project to highlight his life and after many weeks of working on it, the final product is now here. Enjoy.

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What I’ve Been Playing: Hearthstone

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For the past few months, I’ve been playing a game called Hearthstone which was developed by the same people who put out World of Warcraft. This game is more accessible to the casual gamer as it is an online collectible card game that touts itself as being “Deceptively simple, insanely fun.” While I agree with that statement, I think they should have added “highly addictive” to it as well.

I'm back. Again...

I’m back. Again.

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So I’ve been absent from my website for nearly a year now but it’s not because I haven’t been busy or because I didn’t want to post. For those who know me, my father’s health and passing were a big focus for me over the past 12 months but couple that with a house move, executor duties, a broken elbow and a few other things sprinkled in there among the regular life duties that we all have and I found myself wanting to use my downtime for other pursuits.

Mental Suicide – A short story by Arnold Peters

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Arnold Peters is a legend in my family. His stories, escapades and accomplishments are still talked about in our family today despite the fact he passed away almost 18 years ago. Aside from being my grandfather, he was a farmer, a father, a husband, a miner, an air force mechanic, a union organizer and a Member of Parliament. I’m sure he has other titles but those are the ones I know of and while digging through some boxes at my father’s place last summer, I can now add something else to the list. A writer.

Read on to read his original short story: Mental Suicide.

Success vs Failure

Accomplishments vs. Failures

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I’ve always been curious as to why people appear to be more interested in other people’s failures vs. their accomplishments. Is it out of curiosity? Is it because deep down inside they feel better about themselves if they see other people fail? Or is it perhaps because some people just delight in the genuine misfortune of others? What do you think?