Night photography can be tricky but with the right equipment and patience, one can get some fantastic photographs.  In terms of equipment, you will need the following:

  1. Tripod.  Though it is not a must have, it offers you a lot of flexibility to get certain angles while you need to keep your camera steady for long exposure times.
  2. A lens hood.  These help minimize the lens flares from light entering from angles outside of your frame.
  3. A friend.  You often find yourself standing around while your take your long exposure shots.  While this gives you plenty of time to ponder your next shot, it is always good to have a friend to talk (both in terms of general conversation and potential ideas)
  4. Imagination.  An object that may seem mundane during the day could become amazing during the evening when the right light is shining on it.
  5. Practice.  It is not easy to shoot night photography and it took me some time to read and practice before I became familiar with what settings I should use in certain situations.