The grotto area along the Bruce Peninsula trail.

Bruce Trail – Peninsula Section

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Chris, Sarah and I decided to do a portion of the Bruce Trail as part of a weekend trip. The Bruce Trail itself stretches from the Niagara Peninsula all the way up to Tobermory. As you can imagine, the landscape changes quite a bit over a trail that long so we figured we would hike a section that allowed us to follow the coast line of Georgian Bay so we could take in the coastline views and finish in Tobermory itself. I had done this once before and was ill prepared. This time was different.

A flowerpot formation on a rainy and misty day

Georgian Bay – Flowerpot Island

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One can find Flowerpot Island in the Georgian Bay, not far from the tourist trap known as Tobermory. So what’s so special about this island aside from the fact that it houses a nation park and an 1800 year old dead cedar tree? Well I don’t like to give hints but the island name should be the give-away. Read on to find out more about these odd looking formations.

Matt and Michelle's first canoe trip together

Frontenac Provincial Park

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Frontenac Provincial Park has some amazing canoeing/backpacking trails and it’s one of my favourite spots to visit. I’ve been there a number of times for day hikes but I once did a 6 person canoe trip which included a couple who were new to the portaging scene. I was given the role of food police for Matt and Michelle as we had to trim the weight from their packs since some of the portages were quite long. Despite the inspection, Matt still managed to sneak in some heavy food.

A heavy spring flow in the adirondacks

Adirondacks – Mt. Marcy – Take 1

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While I settled on the current title for the name of this adventure, “Trial by fire in the Adirondacks (or how Ikea tealights saved us)” is a lot more descriptive of how it went down. This was my first real backpacking trip and I can honestly say that it taught me most of the lessons I needed to learn for all my future backpacking trips. Painful lessons but at least I didn’t have to take a survival course to learn them right?