Muddy as all can be


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It was my first experience with downhill mountain biking and Mont-Sainte-Anne was not very nice to me. To say that it was pleasant would be a lie. I went on the opening weekend (for the mountain biking season) which was June 1st and you think that the weather would have been fantastic right? Well how does 10c (50F) with driving winds and rain sound to you?

Insults in the dark 2012 - The cottage we stayed at

Insults In The Dark – 2012

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Another IITD and another fun year. We did another cottage trip and managed to snag a rental up near St-Sauveur (within a 30 minute drive). We hiked, played board games, read, watched the Olympics and a bit of Netflix, kayaked, swam and biked. I also managed to get caught up on sleep. This place was pretty sweet despite the fact that the owner was in his cottage which was 100 feet away from where we were staying.