Mental Suicide – A short story by Arnold Peters

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Mental Suicide - Table of Contents

given a second chance to be happy and had made the best of it.

His recovery was the same as thousands who take their own lives as the easy way out: Johnny had died–Mac was the new creation. This could be an inspiration to us all who find the cares and strife of this old world too difficult to take; it is not impossible to destroy the past and go on to build a new and happy future. Johnny, unknown to himself, had found the perfect solution. He had made himself, his wife Diana, and the old caretaker happy. He has fulfilled his duty to mankind and helped in the propagation of his race. His two fine children are a memorial to the weakness he overcame many years ago, when he strong enough to destroy all the memoirs of Redwood, his birthplace, and begin again as a new man.

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